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Our Celebration was a great success!  

Thank you to everyone that came out to support the school.  We look forward to sharing the next 50 years and more.  

 THANK YOU...for helping us celebrate!

To honor CUMC Preschool being part of this community for 50 years, we not only want to celebrate, but continue with the tradition of giving back to the community. Each month we hope to collect 50 (or more) items to donate to different charities or people in need. this is a great opportunity to introduce your child to the blessing of sharing and helping others.

How It All Started...

With 30 students, three teachers, and one director on its opening day, October 26, 1966, the Community United Methodist Church (CUMC) Preschool was founded with this purpose: “We will concern ourselves with the total development of the child. The physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual needs, and the special needs of each child.” By January, the school was growing and more teachers were hired. A year after opening, the nursery school was featured as the lead photo story in the Huntington Beach Independent newspaper with a student gasping at the sight of The Great Pumpkin.

CUMC had just moved to its Heil Ave. location when the feasibility of having its own nursery school was explored by the Education Commission. Members included prominent community leaders such as John Murdy (for whom Murdy Park was named), and Charles Graham (for whom Graham Street was named). The legacy of CUMC’s nursery school continues—and thrives—50 years later. 

Community United Methodist Church Preschool

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