What Our Parents Are Saying.....

April, Age 4 - April's mom "My daughter asked me "Mommy, do teachers ever get mad?" I smiled and thought what a wonderful question, a true affirmation of how wonderful a teacher you are. Thank you for causing April to ponder such a question. We appreciate you."

Elijah, Age 5 - Preschool is Learning...."I learn about sharing, riding bikes, counting to 10 and cutting."  Preschool is Friends..."I like to play with all the people." Preschool is Memories..."When I first came to school I said, "I can't do that...and now I cut and draw happy faces."

Madison, Age 5 - "I learned that how you treat others, they will treat you the same way back. I really don't want to leave that school!." 

kids are saying

Community United Methodist Church Preschool

A lifetime of learning begins with a single moment of wonder